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What is's Private & OTC?

The Private & OTC services use’s experience and global reach to offer high liquidity and exclusive service for individuals and institutions to trade large financial volumes.
We know that positioning a portion of the portfolio in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is relatively new. So we have set up a structure committed to completing the positions of digital assets, also to clarifying doubts, evaluating the best investments for your purpose, and letting you get in on this universe.

Reasons to diversify your investments with Private & OTC?

Global range operates globally, so does the Private & OTC. So regardless of your time zone, we are ready to receive you.

Trained team

Our specialists, with vast experience in the traditional and cryptoassets market, will be with you through the entire process, from the first contact to the finishing transaction. We will solve your questions at every stage, always focused on your financial success.

Fees and liquidity guaranteed

Liquidity may not be good on your trading platform, depending on the amount you want to trade. However, this is one of the singularities of Private & OTC, ensuring liquidity and the best rate in your transaction.

Insuring and safekeeping

We are the only platform in Brazil that offers insurance to our customers for any cryptocurrencies stored with us.

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