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Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index Enters Greed Zone
Bitcoin on track for best January since 2013. BTC Fear and Greed Index enters Greed zone for the first time in 10 Months. Crypto analyst Alex Krüger sees US$30K-35K possible.
Investors Await for the Right Moment to Jump in
Volatility Came Back on Wednesday
Bitcoin resumes volatility on Wednesday. Bitcoin price could reach US$30k. Arizona could make crypto legal. Sen. Elizabeth Warren criticism on the crypto industry.
Bitcoin tests US$23K as miners’ sales hit 3-year low
Bitcoin jumps to US$23K as miners’ sales hit three-year low. Crypto strategist questions the sustainability of the current Bitcoin rally. Bitcoin On-Chain data is not conclusive if this is a bull market or a bull trap.
inflation rate bitcoin
Bitcoin traded above US$23k over the weekend
Bitcoin traded above US$23k over the weekend, retreating a bit on Sunday. On-chain data underscores Bitcoin rally. Arthur Hayes warns that Bitcoin could crash if Fed does not pivot.
Learn How to Earn with Cryptocurrency Staking
Staking is a way to "lock" your cryptocurrencies to participate in validating the consensus of the blockchain and receive a reward for it.
Crypto OTC Trading: How Does It Work?
Crypto OTC trading is a more customized type of transaction, indicated for buying and selling digital assets in larger volumes.
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