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Trade to Earn

Every day we
distribute 15,000
DGTA tokens

to those who traded on that day.

You win twice:

By number of
traders on the day

By volume operated on the platform that day

How much do
you make on

Choose the amount per month that you trade:
Balance in DGTA tokens:
Money saved on commissions:


These simulations consider one of the first thousand clients, operating from 25/07/2022 to 25/07/2023.

How to start with Trade to Earn

Be among the first thousand with a Verified Account

Earn 50 DGTA instantly

And trade with
zero commission!

The more you trade every day, the more rewards you receive in DGTA tokens.
And with more DGTA in your account, the more benefits there are for you.

DGTA Token
the token from

With our token, you are welcomed into our exclusive way of trading crypto assets.

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August 22

Trade to Earn release: Get paid for
every trade instead of paying fees!

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Trade your
DGTA tokens.


Trade derivatives.
Staking in DGTA and other cryptos.

Open your account now and

50 DGTA tokens


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Technology by


Cloud Matching Engine technology on a global scale.

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Custody with cutting-edge protocols for crypto assets.

Risk prevention and protection of coins in our custody.

Robust and transparent environment for crypto networks.


Safe keeping of your assets
on a whole different level.


A crypto wallet that’s really
simple to understand and use.


Access to your account just
got safer and pain free.

Quick answers to frequent questions:

No. Everyone can be part of Trade to Earn, but a minimum balance of 50 DGTA tokens is required to get started.

It’s simple. Currently, with a Verified Account, you receive 50 DGTA
instantly, and then you already have enough balance to trade Bitcoin and
Ethereum with Trade to Earn.

Download the app, create your account, and get Verified today.

This is not a promotion or a limited-time offer.

The Trade to Earn initiative is the unique way to trade cryptocurrencies that created to revolutionize the world of digital currencies.

Yeah! Since August 1, all trades on the app are counted within
Trade to Earn, and distribution takes place daily.

Soon, all balances in DGTA will be available for consultation in your account.

Who we are

The definitive exchange

A global exchange that brings the traditional and digital assets ecosystems together with boldness and efficiency.

Unprecedented business models and a professional team that’s part of the crypto assets universe since its beginning.
in the media

Profitus Fund, owned by Ricardo Villela Marino, the controlling partner of Itaú Bank, has invested 5 mi dollars in cryptocurrency platform

The new exchange will compete with the big global competitors and bring the innovative universe of cryptocurrencies to the traditional financial market. Leverages Nasdaq Technology to Establish its New Cryptocurrency Exchange

Nasdaq's cloud-based market technology underpins's trading infrastructure.

New Cryptocurrency Platform Launches Globally And Introduces a New Business Model Dubbed Trade-To-Earn

Clients of the new exchange will be paid for every trade in the platform instead of paying fees.

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